in a peaceful place

Never underestimate the need for some time with nature and your thoughts. Being a child of the city, there’s no other place quite as perfect as the Barbican conservatory, for spending some quality time and just being at ease within the monumental brutalist complex.

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Thought #22

Sarah Moon is a master of photography, or so is titled the video. I’m absolutely blown away by the (little) work of hers that I have come across. Most of it (what I’ve found anyway) is shot on polaroid, not the integrated shit, but actual peel apart which gives you a positive and a negative. I think I have come to love this the best out of all the photographic mediums I’ve used.

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There were two

It was so good, I had to watch it twice. Recently the trailer for the second Yves Saint Laurent film, coming later this year, has been unveiled. It’s strange, I actually can’t think of a time when two movies covering the same subject matter we’re realised, well at a both at a national level.

The first film was beautiful and romantically shot, even in the scenes of the crazy underworld of parties and clubs, the palette remained muted and elegant. The soundtrack, the same (which has been on repeat since coming home from the second time of seeing it), beautifully matched the sets, locations and costumes which were all incredible. The work of Thomas Hardmeier and Ibrahim Maalouf and their respective teams, just wow.

This film is told through Pierre Berge, Yves’ business and onetime life partner. It’s romantic and sweet, an ode to Yves. For myself, it was a great visual reference and starting point for me to begin research, building my knowledge to understand the story of this designer, which remains superficial at best.

The second film, to be released later this year, it feels more, not commercial, yet commercial, for lack of knowing a better word, in the sense it’s so damn seductive. I’ve only seen the trailer and I’m already bouncing off the walls with excitement. Its more vibrant and carries a much different energy to. It feels a lot, clearer and crisper, lensed by Josee Deshaies. It seems more focused on the peak of his career, rather than the entirety of his career. I can’t wait to see how this will tell that particular part of his story.


***page update***

Unfortunately, we’d like to apologise for the inconvenience to your reading pleasure. The log is now under maintenance until further.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Though there is some ongoing maintenance, I just wanted to address the new page.

Personal work is where I store all my ongoing projects, mostly photographic.

Check it out.

Thought #37

Distractions. That’s all that seems to fill my time of late. The distraction of friends. The distraction of social media. The distractions with my work placement. The distractions of distraction.

This photo was a distraction. It’s the type of distraction I’d like to get back to. I feel as though, we make excuses to help us cope with our lack of focus on the things we want. The things that are important to us, to me. Perhaps there’s a little too much prominence given to the fact we can make these excuses and they’ll make everything ok.

So I suppose with this post, its more of a public declaration that I will only distract myself with things that matter to me.

With that I must say, those projects that have been on simmer out back are starting to brew well and hopefully can be shortly unveiled, I am most excited.

Take my picture

Excuse my absence. I came across this video a few weeks back and wanted to share my thoughts. The short presents the idea of fashion bloggers and photographers and the growth in this in recent years, and how this is viewed by those who work within the industry.

If I’m honest, I’m still under the impression that this will expand exponentially until it horrific implode, with many bloggers and photographers beginning to be band from the venues, access to events, venues and timetables being restricted to those in the need to know, which I hope doesn’t happen as it’s a important thing that people are able to express their interests and share this with others.

I do love the fact that it’s all very open and accessible, and its super easy to know whats happening when and where. But imagine trying to do your job, only to have to force your way through a mass of camera wielding bloggers (meant in the sincerest way) in an attempt get to and from the door to do what you’re paid to do. Theres already enough pressure.

However, it is a guilty pleasure to also see whats happening outside and around the venues, especially the style of those that attending and those with amazing personal style, and also sometimes to note the thoughts of those recording and documenting. (Ultimately what fashion is about, creating styles) However as Mr. Blanks raises, how much of the same material can be recorded and placed into the bloggers sphere? über true; how many sites have you visited that have regurgitated similar information and not added they’re own spin to it? I know that there are many out there that do it and do it well but I know we’ve all sifted through many that don’t, and I’m not saying for them to stop, but maybe for them to take pointers from those that do it well, emulate and evolve their own personal style off what they’ve learnt, maybe even blog collaboration?

Many other points are raised throughout the video, but it was mainly this one that stuck with me. Whats your thoughts on it?